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Executive Vice President, Dave Maurer, Named to Leadership Council at Seton Hall University

Dave Maurer has been named to the Leadership Council of the Seton Hall University Center for Leadership Development. Dave is 1978 graduate of the Stillman School of Business at the university. Dave served in leadership positions throughout his 22-year military career. Since his retirement from the Army in 1999, he has held numerous senior leadership positions in the private sector. He currently serves as the Executive Vice President for Programs for GBX Consultants.

The mission of the Seton Hall University Center for Leadership Development is to “develop extraordinary leaders who will be recognized for their values and principles by which they live, their vision and purpose in life, the outstanding results they achieve, their service to the community in which they live and their love, dedication and caring for those they serve.”

Dave joins an impressive list of nationally known corporate leaders representing companies such as Verizon, Pfizer, Smith Barney, Morgan Stanley, and Johnson and Johnson, among many others. In this capacity, Dave will speak with and counsel emerging leaders, advise them on career opportunities, and mentor them as they enter the workforce.